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Rider Biomechanics and Equipilates classes


Equipilates - Off horse

For riders of all abilities, Equipilates classes are designed with riders in mind and delivered by Equipilates and Biomechanics Trainer, Karen Kelly. Group sessions are conducted on livery yards and at riding clubs. 1: 1 sessions available online or in person.


Become aware of how you move and what your horse feels through your body. All classes are suitable for all levels of rider and are conducted fun and relaxed atmosphere.

On horse sessions are also available. 

Combined Horse and Rider Biomechanics Clinics

Riding a horse is a two way partnership and each partner has their own asymmetries which impact their way of going. 


Good rider biomechanics is not about how relaxed you are but the proper use of your muscles to keep you stable and supple. Good horse biomechanics is about how the horse moves and knowing the healthy movement patterns of your horse. 


Working with a well regarded Equine Physio, Front Runner Sports Therapist,  we combine our respective skills and knowledge to provide horse and rider focused biomechanics clinics where the equine phyiso is solely focused on the horse and Rider Align is solely focused on the rider.  Working together we help you understand how and where horse and rider are compensating for each other and how to improve so that both horse and rider are the best they can be.     ​


1:1 sessions

Sometime people prefer to work in private in their own time.  Private sessions in either Equipilates or Rider biomechanics are available 1:1 either in person or online.  Contact us for more information


Improve core strength & stability


Move with your horse and not against


Develop greater body awareness & control



Reduce rider aches, pains & risk of injury


Improve your symmetry in the saddle


Increase confidence by understanding what your body is doing



Deeper connection and partnership



Improved posture flows into all areas of life


Benefits of Rider Align 

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Call +353 87 6537 446 or contact us via this website for more information on our horse rider focused Pilates classes.

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